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lightbar on front bumper

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what size lightbar will fit on the factory front bumper????thanks
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I just put this on recently, I have the extreme front bumper though. I had to cut off the mounts (shown) to fit it in there. Got the light on FeeBay for $300 NIB genuine Polaris. Hopefully the wire harness shows up today so I can see how bright it is.

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I have the same light on my factory Polaris bumper. Fits and looks nice.
I have a 22" light bar that has the adjustable mounts (ebay) and it mounts to stock bumber using existing holes. I used a nut and washers between bumper and light to raise it up about 1/2" so it attaches to bumper better.
got any pictures Otway?????
13" off eBay fits perfect

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Here is mine with a 20" off Ebay . I built a bracket out of flat bar and 1" tubing as I wanted to lift it up so it would not block air flow to the rad. This type of bracket bolts to existing holes and would allow mounting almost any length bar

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Here is my 22" bar mounted to existing holes in bumper. View attachment 7973
Would you mind posting a close up pic of the mounting? Aren't the light bar and mounts way wider than the existing holes?
20" Single Row from Plashlights... or 33" Double Row from ebay...or both!


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This is a 12'' light bar from light-it-up.
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I forgot to post mine and say ,thanks for the help!!!!!


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I have a 30" bar mounted on the top tube of the stock bumper. I have the adjustable mounts and it fits great and provides awesome light.
I did something similar to PC57, but my setup looks way better :tongue:
Phhht! Pic's or I call BS on you! Let the members decide!!!
Your machine looks awesome! I see you have the Polaris pro fit steel roof. I wanted to how you were able to set up your light bar?
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