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Hey all.

A brand new version of Kemimoto SxS soundbar is launched! We’ve made several adjustments according to the previous collected feedback from you guys.

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And these are the changes that have been made to the new version, take a look:

-We’ve upgraded the bottom, it will restore to its original form no matter how hard you’ve pushed it. And it’s a little bit larger than the previous version, so you can make adjustments with gloves when you’re riding.

-a much stronger, smoother, and steady Bluetooth connection. The wireless remote control is provided too.

Other Features
-Loud and Clear Sound
-Round Design with decent heavy-duty touch
-Easy setup, both iOS/Android systems could connect easily., 10 minutes and everything is done.
-Mounting brackets for the roll bar.

Fits any 1.56" to 2.25" roll cage.

Youtube Review

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