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Looking for a used engine

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I am a new member and just purchased a used 2003 Ranger 6x6 from my Son-In Law which he had used on his farm (2700 + hours). After a few tough hours of running in the North woods of Minnesota it appears as though the engine has gotten stiff (hard to turn over and doesn't start) as I believe the engine was starved of oil.

Anybody know the cost to rebuild the engine, have a used one lying around or know of a salvage yard that might have one? Is this 500cc engine the same as a Sportsman?

Mr. Wiskers
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I just rebuilt one and had about $350 at the most into it. THat was a piston, gaskets, rings, and a bore on the cyclinder........Curt
the sportsman engine is a ho with more power.if you can find one cheap enough that may be the way to go.will bolt right in too.
Mr. Wiskers, Welcome to PRC ;-)
Mr. Wiskers - Glad to have you with us. Hope you can rebuild or get a used installed and be on that ride soon.
ebay usually has a 500 motor for sale, search polaris ranger in parts and acc.
And people have been telling me that they've never heard of a Ranger with as many hours as me (700)...

How's the rest of the Ranger?
We had an '01 that smoked the motor (not my fault)... Dropped a performance built 500HO motor in it that was supposed to go in someones go-cart. The "performance" part was a hardend cam, maxed overbore, and a forged alum Wiesco piston. After some other mods it's pulling as good as my '05 500 Ranger
Is he your ex-son-in-law now! Jerry
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