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Looking for some feedback

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Got a 14 900 le. I'm have 27 viprs ,14" rims. Want more GC so I moved shocks to outside position. Picked up about 3/4 to 1". After that stiffened shocks to middle position. Needless to say the ride is not as plush as it once was. So I'm thinking of lifting 2" and moving shocks back to the inside and putting springs back th lowest setting. Thought this would get the smooth ride back. I would think some of u on here have already done this. I was trying to stay away from lifting for all the obvious reasons. Was wanting to hear if you all have had any negative or positive experiences as a result of lifting 2" with no extra mods such as axels,steering stops,limit straps and the like.Thanks
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Marshall moto art 2.5" lift.
I was tired of hitting everything I drove over so I added this to go with 27" tires and I was able to achieve all the clearance I wanted for our backwoods riding. Shocks are in the stock setting.
That's really a nice looking setup you have there. Not to big and not to small,well balanced look. Just curious,how much GC do you have now? If I had to guess I'd say around 14?
Ok. Thanks for the pics.Thats what I'm lookin for.Whan manufactures advertise 12 in. ground clearance on stock machines they are being let's say liberal with the facts. I bought a new can am in 06 that claimed 12 and in reality had 91/2.They all do it and we all know it.Thats why the lift kit market will continue to thrive I reckin lol.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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