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March 1st....Dam Winter

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March 1st here,,,,-10* below zero. Yesterday morning -15* below zero. By noon yesterday it had warmed to 20*...seemed like Florida in July. Lol . It had been 5 weeks since I was able to or had time to clear a path to the Ranger shed and try to fire it up. Took four trys , turning it over for 15 seconds at a time. Shutting it off and turning the key back on letting the fuel pump cycle then trying to start again. It fired up, I let it run , engine temp showed 20*. After 15 minutes went back and drove it out and up to get the mail...up and down my secondary dead end town road. Put on a mile or so then let it run a while longer when I got back to charge the battery some. It just seemed 'really' good to go for a ride. No matter how short. A step in the right direction towards spring. Another 6 weeks of working seven days a week for me...then slowly I'll add my DuraClutch, winch, lift, and other goodies I've gathered this winter... God willing by then...the snow has receded some.
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Pretty bad winter for sure.
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