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Message to Donna

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Here is a message I am thinking about send to Donna. They requested that all correspondence be sent to her for redistribution. Does this work for you all?


This is an extremely hot topic on PRC right now and it is causing a lot of bad feelings toward Polaris. Would you direct this to the proper person and see if he/she can give me an answer for our members that are trying to deal with this? Also, the motor mount part now has a different number on it, but it looks the same. Is it an improved part and if so, how is it improved? Here are three of the links to this problem for your techs to look at. It would help me out a bunch if I could get some kind of an answer for them. What can Polaris do to help make it right for our members with the broken motormount issue?

By the way, I am working on a nice letter and photo plaque for Polaris to thank everyone for making us feel so welcome. We have two magazine articles almost completed reference the trip and they will go to Side x Side and CartWheelin’ magazines.

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