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Midsize Ranger cab system

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I have a sizmik door system, a Polaris lock and ride real panel and a hard top. I have had the system for about a year and went to a polaris hard door system. I have had it about a year its in great shape. I did run a stick though the drivers side lower door panel but ordered a new one the replace it. I am asking 650.00 plus shipping. I do take paypal buyer pays fees. I can email pics Thanks
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Where are you located? I wonder what shipping would be to Ms
I am in va not sure of shipping but I think it would be less than 100.00 I would be willing to pay the first 50.00 if that helps
u have pics??
Seems like a really good deal I just cant see me needing a cab here in Mississippi
Do you still have the cab system? If so, I would be interested in pictures please. I have a 2013 500 midsize so I am assuming it would fit that? email is [email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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