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Modded stock Exhaust 2003 6x6

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Finally decided to mod my stock muffler i cant see spending $400 for a slip on for 3-5 hp gain. So i cut off the stock outlet welded it closed and opened the rear with a 1 7/8 3" long exhaust pipe, Wow it sounds great throttle response is much improved but feels like i lost some bottom end in low gear doesnt take much to hit the rev limiter. High gear feels like it it lost a little pickup. So i think i need to close it up a little to get some more back pressure. Stock pipe inside was 1 3/4 (entering the muffler) so il try that size reducer and then a 1 1/2 size and see which one feels better, and il go smaller if it doesnt feel better stock outlet was 1 1/8 I can just screw them on the end for testing and then weld it on. il get them on this week and let everyone know for any one who wants to try this.
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Good plan, I've never seen a slip on that added any power at all.
well i did try a 1 3/4 about the same, then a 1 1/2 outlet throttle response a little less but better than stock bottom end feels better high gear hard to tell but i think acceleration is better than the 1 7/8 size. Now i think il try a 1 1/4 outlet thats still bigger than stock 1 1/8. Also i didnt remove any internal baffles. My wife normally drives this when we ride we use this as the pack mule i hope in the end its not to loud for her, now too find the next size i pipe i need.
tryed a 1 1/4 outlet about the same as the 1 1/2 il leave this on a while see how it does.
Update...... i tried different jets idle and main finally settled on a 145 main and 45 on pilot jet with 1 1/2 exhaust outlet, power is great bottom end is back. sound is good not obnoxious. I can hit the rev limiter pretty easy il stick with this setup but would like to keep it off the rev limiter i swapped stock primary spring to the white one should i go with another spring ???
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