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I rightfully came home with much more money than I left with due to shirt rembursement. But I have more than I should and there are two options. When I paid for vehicle parking in Columbus last night I folded the change the parking lot attendent gave me in a seperate place in my wallet. This morning I realized that she had given me change for a hundred. I know I busted a hundred for Trevis but I do not remember giving anyone else change for that much.

Soooo, did someone else give me a hundred dollar bill and not get the correct change or did I get paid $68.00 to park my car at port Columbus ?

If I did indeed make a mistake like this please don't think it will embarress me to post so here,,,,or you can send me a PM.

PS- If it was by chance Fred Nicholes~~~nah, nah, nah, po, po[:D]
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