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Motor mount/belt issue

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What happened to the thread on busted motor mounts and belt failures? I know the problem didn't go away.
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They probably haven't had time to bring it over to the new site yet. There seems to be lots to do.
yea i would like to keep reading up on the problem . i don't own a ranger but i'm thinkin really hard of getting one . i presently have a hpx and i was about to trade it in for a xuv but i like them 700xp's but i do alot of web reading before i buy and i been doing alot of reading on the belt problems .about how long does it take to change a 700's belt??is it hard to do?? i know the hpx i have to remove the exhuast and a few other things it's nuthinyou wanna do in the field but then again it's never broke in the field .i hope it never does cause i would need a whole tool box to change
It is very easy to change, about 10-15 minutes, with the right tools, not that you need a lot of them. real easy to do in the field as long as you carry a small toolkit. I wouldn't hesitate to but the XP, its a great machine, but I would consider changing the motormount to one of the aftermarket ones and always carry a spare belt. Welcome to PRC.
The more I ride my 07 700xp the more I love it!!!!
According to Dustin at Polaris of High Point, when you order the original motor mount, you get a revised number and evidently a different motor mount now. I will try and move some more stuff tomorrow. You are correct, there is a ton of work to do.
Bruce, anything I can do to help?
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Bruce, anything I can do to help?
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Any topics or headings that you think should be moved, do it if you have the time. The old site was corupted and all the files couldn't be moved at one time, that's why we have to go through the pains we do. Once this is over it will make much better site, quicker and easier to navigate, at least that's the plan. [:)]
I have been hesitant to move someone elses topic, I didn't want to make it look like I authored it, but I guess if they don't move them soon, I may.
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