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Muffler Cleanout Plug

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Last fall when I was doing the 300 hour service on my Ranger, I had a slight issue removing the cleanout plug. When I did get it out, the threads at the end of the bolt (1/2" - 20) were damaged & covered in carbon. I didn't do much more than chase the threads on both the bolt & "bung" in the muffler. I was thinking today, that the bolt protrudes further than necessary past the end of the bung. The extra threads collect the carbon & possibly damage the threads when the bolt is removed.

I'm going to remove the bolt/plug tomorrow & measure how long the bung is. I'll then shorten the bolt so that there are no threads past the end of the bung. I also used anti-seize last fall. I'll post the dimension when I'm finished.

Members w/ newly purchased Rangers (and possibly RZRs) may want to do the same to prevent issues down the road.
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.....The 3/8" length probably would be a "custom" piece.
It would be......but it would only take a minute or two to modify a 1/2" long one using a grinder or file.
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