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My new aluminum top.

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Well I finally got my new aluminum top like I want it. I went to a Sheet metal shop and had a top made with a 6" drop in the front and a 2" drop in the back. I stole the idea form someone else on here. I did put it on with 1 3/4" Muffler Clamps. When I put it on I didn't like the two bolts sticking up on top of the roof so I took it off and made the holes square with a file instead of round, then I used 3/8's Carrage Bolts and put them in from the top. Now there is just 4 little humps on the top of the roof. It bolted down real snug. I put 1/2" weather stripping on top of the roll cage before installing the top. I've had it out on pretty warm days already and there isn't enough heat to talk about. I'll try to get some pictures of it in the next few days to post on here. I used the 1/8" diamond walk plate it cost me about $180.00 and the clamps were about $12.00 for all four. I have a little under $200.00 in entire project.
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I was thinking about making mine out of scrap stainless. I would like to see a pic too.
I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow and put them on so you can see it. We had it out with the temps about 80 a couple of weeks ago and the sun was quite bright and it never got warm to the touch, even setting out in the open. It does produce a good shade. I broke the down piece in front and back at 60 degrees and it worked out just right. It kinda works like a sun visor.
Sounds real interesting, did you paint it or leave it bright metal?
It sounds sweet, but some pics would be really nice.
Pic's ;-)
That is almost exactly what I did except I used 12 gauge diamond plate steel. You can stand up on top of mine without it giving much. I bet you had a good time making those square holes. That is a good idea though, makes for a cleaner finish on top.
I made mine out of stainless steel. Need pics.
I did not bother with the bolts on my top other than grind them down to where they were flush with the retaining nuts.
Sounds like a nice job, please post pictures.
Hey, I was going to take some pictures of it today and low and behold it rained all day. I'll try to get it done tomorrow.
I had my bolts on top at first and planned on grinding them down to the nuts but then the carrage bolts sounded better and it really wasn't that hard to file the holes square. I left it bright, decided it would go well with the gray paint on the ranger. I did paint my muffler clamps before I put them on this time. Hope to get pictures tomorrow. I looked at the polly tip that polaris made and it looked like the flying nun's hat and was almost as high as the alumimum was. It's been a little work but I think it's worth it.
I would lik to see the pictures as well. I took the my ranger out for the first weekend at the deer lease and almost ripped the poly top off twice with low limbs. I think I'm going to fab up a 3/16" steel top that will double as storage rack.
I didn't like the Polaris Poly top either. I used 1/8 inch Diamond Plate aluminum. Looks good, keeps the sun off my noggin, and the brush and tree limbs can't hurt it.

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Pictures Okie....we need pictures! I'm going to start thinking that you made this story up.[;)]
No Ran, I didn't make the story up I really did make the top. Guess what it rainging here in Oklahoma again this morning but suppos to clear up this afternoon, so I'll try to get the pic's when the sun starts shining.
I really did do it! LOL
looks cool, those lights would not last long on my trails.

Well not sure if this is going to work or not but it's a pic I took of the roof. My first try at putting Pic's on the page. you may have to click on the line above to see it. when my wife gets home she can figure out how to post them and then she can teach me.
Hey...thanks for the picture, Okie! Looks good.
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