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my new toy

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hi i live in morehead ky i have had my new rzr since 5-25-07 the fun factor is very high. no problems with anything. this is a very nice sxs. to those of you who havent got yours yet.
[trust me] it will be worth your wait.still waiting on bumpers and top .
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I like the wheels/tires and all ;-)
here is another pic these are 14 inch wheels with goodyear rawhides seems to do really good
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Nice pic Dale

i order the same package of wheels and tires
they look really good

Did adding those wheels and tires make the wheel base much wider? Do you have a part # for that mirror?


sorry i dont have a part# for the mirror. and the width with the polaris wheels and good year tires is 55 inches in the rear outside to outside dimensions all the accessories was already on the rzr when i located it. [the mirror is really handy]
how are the rawhides in mud?
epe it hasent rained here in so long that finding a mud hole is next to impossible but i do believe they will do just fine
I really really like em i just hope they perform as good as they look, i'm sure they will i just gotta hear it before i buy em :)
nice wheels, do they rub?
does the acceleration change?
Wait a minute. I just noticed that my RZR doesn't have the POLARIS logos on the front! What's up with that?
the tires does not rub and there is no change in acceleration it will pin your ears back
Who makes those wheels? Do they use adapters or spacers?
digger those are from polaris 14 inch upgrade the dealer thought vision made them but wasn't sure they dont use spacers or adapters and they DO NOT rub any and i have abused the suspension
Thanks Dale. I really like that set up. Any chance of getting the dealers name. The only 8 spoke vision wheel I have seen out here are only 12"and they don't look as good as those. Hal
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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