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(Thanks Cisco Kid. Hopefully, I'll get it right this time.
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Lets see if I can post more than one at a time.

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Chris, that looks great! Tell me about your wheel/tire set up -- size, manufacturer, spacers?
Chris, thats looking good ;-)
Looks awesome! I was wondering the same thing as Ran, ie, wheel/tire setup. What did you end up getting, and did you order them when you ordered the Rzr or how did you work it out? I'm on the list to get the 3rd Rzr from my dealer (so who knows when that might be) and I assume its coming with the stock tire/wheel setup. Any advice, please let me know! Thanks
That looks like Polaris part # 2875909 $699.99
Bruiser rims on Kenda Bounty hunters.
Brent is right. The wheel/tire setup is Polaris 14" Bruiser rims with Kenda Bounty Hunters. Front 26x10R14 and Rear 26x12R14'
There are no spacers on the wheels. And so far, are working very well for me. They do not rub either. I suspect the machine would have be slammed quite hard to get the wheels to bottom out and rub.

I've only driven on hardpack dirt, coal dust, and grass/vegetated fields. This weekend I'll get to see what the tires will do in some mud. BIG MUD!
Thanks for the info, Chris. Let us know how it does in the mud!
Great looking ride, Chris! With that combo you're probably at 54" wide in the rear?
Nice! Now go beat the hell out of it and show us some after pics!
Nice pics, Thanks
I haven't got around to measuring the rear width now. But I would conservatively say the rear width is about 54" wide. No problem with that though cause I like the wide track.

As for mud, this set up tore through some mud holes like the mud wasn't even there. Most of the holes I was able to conquer in rear wheel drive only. Great thing about a posi-trac rear. The tires cut through the mud and the tread did not "clam" up like some other tires I have used. They are a smooth ride on hard pack as well.
you've got alot of nice toys
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