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So have any of you guys and gals named your rangers. Ours is walker. Walker texas ranger. Pretty funny huh. Oh well.
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Wouldn't that be Walker Michigan Ranger :)
"Yellow Truck" my 6 year olds name for my Ranger
I have two.The first is "The Beast"and the second is the "Flinstone Car".My mother in law seems to think we look like the flinstones with the full cab on it without the doors.
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Now that's using your imagination, Jere![;)][:D]
The GroundHawg!

4 wheels = Hawg
2 wheels = GroundHawg
I'm diggin' it!!!
His and Hers
"Southin Gangsta" My wife named it.
Rickshaw cause I like to pull rather than push :!: :lol:
Short bus :lol:
We call them the RED one and the GREEN one, Look at the picture below to determine which is which :wink:
My wife calls it a "Toy"

Can't imagine why...
Our 3 year old granddaughter starting calling ours the "Ranger Danger" and that kind of stuck.
We call mine Mac. It has a Mac Bulldog on the front
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