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need a favor

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can somebody get the dimensions of the bed if yall have a minute? top outside to outside, top inside to inside, bottom inside, front back. I hate to ask, but I got a brainstorm to upgrade the sound system. thinkin about building a box for my 12", and maybe adding more 6.5s or 6x9s. figure in a week and a half left at work I could draw something up.
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I just measured my mid-size:

Outside to outside : 51" wide
Inside to inside : 46"
Bottom inside to inside : 44" flat on the bottom, 45" about 1/2" off the bottom (above the rounded seam where the side meets the bottom)
Front to back inside to inside 32"
Front to back inside to inside bottom : 31.5" flat on the bottom, 32" about 1/2" off the bottom (above rounded seam where the back meets the bottom)

**Note: don't forget the radius where the sides meet the back and the 45 degree angle supports between the tailgat and sides

Now that I have explained it clear as mud, feel free to ask for any clarification.
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