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Alright PRC Members,
I am in need of some advice.... I am looking at getting a 2020 XP Backcountry. The factory set leaves a little to be desired. I like the arched a-arms and would like to leave the suspension setup as is.

I do not want any rubbing even under load or at full turn, what tire size and offset do I need to look for when looking at aftermarket rims and tires? I will mostly be looking for a good size setup for our farm and 15,000 acre deer lease.

I would like the following suggestions:
1. Best size radial tire with no rubbing. Like the looks of the same size tire and 14” rim all the way around.
2. Tire suggestions
3. Been looking at an all black rim by M-12 or Rockstar. Need the offset for front and back.
4. What trade offs are there in doing this vs. the factory size setup? (Small front and large rear)

thanks in advance,
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