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Need some advice on a 2008 700 xp!

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Ive been searching a little for aftermarket parts for my ranger and wanted to know if some of you guys who have a bit more of an idea could help me on what/where to purchase these items.

- clutch kit
- lift kit
- snorkel
-muffler ( non stock)

and what would be the biggest and baddest tire i could get on my rig?

Is there anything else I should do?
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DIrty Dawg Performance for the clutch kit.
Ranger Pro Lift for the lift kit
youll have to make your own snorkle
a muffler won't make it run or sound better, but it will make it sound more high pitched and annoying.
you can run 28" to 30" tires with a. 2" lift kit.
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Awesome, thanks for the fast reply Curt. what's a good tire in your opinion and Is the snorkel an easy make?…..I really don't want to bugger it up…..
The tire choice is really dependent on your use. A good riding trail tire is say Bighorns. A mud tire I'd say outlaws or terminators. A combination trail/mud tire probably outlaw radials.
A lot of guys build the smokes out of PVC pipe. I used aluminum tubing on mine.
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