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Need torque specs 09 700xp

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In need of the following torque specs, 09 700xp.

Clutch spider
a-arm bolts
front axle hub nut
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Clutch spider- 200 ft lbs, caution make sure washers are fully seated in recess area, any misalignment will alter clutch balance.
A arm bolts- 30 ft lbs, both front and rear.
Front hub nut 60 ft lbs.
Rear hub nut 110 ft lbs.

From Polaris 2009 Service Manual.
Thanks Greg, yeah I know I need to get the manual but haven't yet. I was assuming all the a-arm bolts are the same torque since they are the same size just replacing the outer rear. Funny thing about the clutch, I could do the old closed face in my sleep but this is my first open face got to say they are a whole lot easier but as I was spinning the spider off and it cleared the tower all the buttons went flying out, course I can only find 5, guess I'll replace them. Good thing I took it apart, inner bearing on the clutch was junk but got it before the damage could be done, guy gets lucky once and a while.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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