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After HOURS on FB marketplace I decided to go with an 2006 Polaris Ranger 500 EFI 4x4 with 550 hours.

Saved a bit of money because it is that awful purple color due to a bad batch of camo on the 06's. Otherwise it is good shape mechanically and cosmetically for a 17 year old machine. All the bushing are tight, steering and suspension are good, doesn't leak a drop of any fluid, starts right up, idles great, no alarming sounds, CV boots are good, good tires.

Has some nice goodies on it; factory Polaris flip up window, plastic top (that I think looks kinda goofy and it barely fits in garage) stereo, winch, LED light.

These engines in the 500s were used from 96 until 2013 and they are supposed to be good engines, there are parts for them everywhere, any Polaris mechanic has them dialed, TONS of
aftermarket goodies, PILES of info about them on the interwebs.

Planned upgrades: Already got new 6.5" speakers in it (the old ones were trashed), Bigger LED's up front (move the smaller one to the back as a work light), street legal kit (ordered),soft back windscreen (ordered), better cup holders, linear actuator for bed dump,

I might make a plywood top for it. A cool one though, not just a sheet of plywood on top. It will have turn downs on the side, angled on front and back, painted with bed liner. Probably a stereo enclosure to get the stereo off the dash, gun rack, etc.

Friends and I took it to the property today and LOADED it down with firewood and it pulled my second steepest hill with 3 adults in it no problemo. So far I am VERY PLEASED!

Here are some pics. I cleaned it up after these pictures but it is already a mess.
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My 06 500 efi looked identical to yours when I bought it 3 years ago. Mine currently has 540 hours on it and I've done a ton to it. It's a tank for sure. This is how it currently looks.
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