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New '15 XP 900 Oil and belt questions

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Just bought a new '15 XP 900

I have been into racing banshees for many years so I know most of the general rules will carry over to these machines but this is my first rodeo with a side by side. For the oil besides going to Amsoil what are you guys using as an alternative option to the Polaris motor oil? I am sure there is nothing special about their oil other than they want to hold the specs close to their chest to sell oil and make the profit themselves.

Also while at the dealer I heard 2 different people say this but not sure the legitimacy of the claim. They said that if you are riding around in high gear at low speeds you are likely to glaze the belt. They said if you’re below 30mph ride in low gear? I haven’t driven the unit so not sure how fast you can go in low without winding up the motor but does this claim hold any water? I would assume just like a truck that you just use low when you need additional torque for low traction?

Thanks in advance.
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welcome gcworth..... first off i miss my banshees and atv racing also. (done got too old) i did it for years. i use polaris oil, just because it comes in a nice little KIT filter and all, and im lazy like that... Low range, well trust me if you trail ride above walking speed you will not be using it. the ranger is a gas hog in low range. people will tel you that you will burn a belt and all of that crap, i never use low range unless im gona pull something really heavy (most of the time its other sxs's out of the mud) drag logs, pull cars out of a ditch ECT. for 99% of all of the trail riding and even slow around the yard and property i use high. i will use low on a really steep hill, but most of the time i just blast up it in high. if your a long time rider you can tell, if you know what i mean. just dont hit the gas hard wile the wheels are turned or on assault. the stock ranger has plenty of power and the axles are week as crap !! it will bend one in a heart beet ! oh and dont get the belt wet !! read all of the fixes on dust and squeaks! (good luck) and welcome to Polaris ranger ownership !!! LOL
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You can't believe all the crap you read on the internet. If you are gonna go slow use low.

I don't know where they came up with the 30mph figure though. Some of the owners manuals use 7 mph as the low speed for high range. It explains it in your manual. I just try to keep my motor above 3000-3200 rpm.
Welcome aboard! Selecting low or high is more a matter of 'feel' once you get to know your machine. As a general rule, most of use low for extended driving below about 20ish mph. As you read more here, you will find plenty of posts where members have glazed or hour-glassed their belts by being in the wrong gear. With your background, trust your gut! As far as oil is concerned, most of us use Polaris 'cause it's convenient and there are frequent sales and an occasional coupon from your dealer or Polaris. Just to avoid a possible hassle from your dealer, might want to stick will the Polaris stuff at least until your warranty expires (though not required!). Keep your receipts! After then, any quality synthetic will work; Mobile1, Royal Purple, Redline, etc, etc. With 20K+ members, you'll get that many opinions on both topics!
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Low for pulling or climbing steep stuff. Everything else I run in high. Pretty sure 30mph in low will have the engine pegged out. Just FYI I run amsoil because it's cheaper and in my opinion better oil than polaris. I use a k&n filter.
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