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new 2015 midsize 570

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Does anyone know if the storage area on passenger side of the new midsize is removable? My dad is considering trading his 2012 500 LE in on the new 570 LE , but it looks like you would beat your shins off that ledge. It also looks like you would catch yourself on the buckle for the net, considering it is fixed with metal instead of a strap. He has drivien my 2014 570 and is impressed with the power and smoothness is the transmission compared to his 500, but looking at a new one sitting outside a dealer last night has brought up some issues, since he uses it on the farm and is constantly jumping in and out I could see him catching himself on the buckle and making it a pain for the grandkids and dog to ride in the passenger side since the dog usualy sits on the floor.

any input would be helpful
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What are you referring to specifically "Does anyone know if the storage area on passenger side of the new midsize is removable?"?
u can remove anything
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I'm just wondering if the storage area is removable and if it gets in the way when your riding, and if anyone had any issues with the net latches.
It was getting dark when we checked it out last night and in southwest pa its like 10 degrees outside so we didn't spend much time checking it out.
we are going to make another trip to check them out better.
Yah, PA weather SUCKS right as does alot of other ppl's weather as well. haha... (the southern folks are prolly like WTF ya talkin bout?!)
The storage is under the seat and is $100 extra for the storage bin. If you are talking about the door nets yes the come off. But with them on it is no big deal getting in and out. Once unbuckled they lay flat out of the way.
on the 2015 there's additional storage in front of the passenger legs under the glove box that looks like would get in the way when riding .
and the buckle for the door net is fixed to the roll cage with metal much different than the 2014's and it looks like it could catch on you.
The storage under the glove box hasn't given anyone who has rode with me any trouble. I've had 0 issues with net latch getting in the way and I'm big ( 6', 260lbs.).
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thanks , that's what I was looking to hear.
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