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Bought a new 2020 crew xp 1000 North Star Camo. When I went to pick it up they had another machine that was identical to the one I bought, that already had a 3" lift with super atv arched a arms. Tried to just buy it but they had already sold it. So now I liked it much better but sense the 20 deals are pretty much over because of low inventory I went ahead and got the stock one, and because it was pretty much the last one.

Was thinking ranger prolift 2" or 3" Anything different I should look at as far as a lift?
Probably be looking for new wheels so what size would I need and offset to have them all the same or wheel spacers?
Do I need the arched, forward a arms to clear 28-30" tires?
Whats the advantages or disadvantages of the arched, forward a arms?
I'm in Missouri, the ground where we live is hard and rocky, will be taking machine to Western Colorado next summer (Lake City, or Silverton, so what tires do you recommend?
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