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new box idea

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found a few random pics on the web and done a rough sketch of how im thinkin about building another speaker setup. this is very rough, I definitely aint an artist, but maybe itll give an idea of what im shootin for.

side profile, 2 6x9s on the outside, 4 across the back, sub box in bed.
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4 6x9s across the back
Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Automotive exterior

12" in the middle, amps on both sides, basically gonna be a bedcover with a notch cutout for the ice chest. should give me a little storage on either side of the cooler too.
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also gonna rebuild the current rooftop box, new radio with Sirius, and add some dome lights of some sort.
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fairly quick-ish. definitely will be removable for hunting season. gonna use the bolts I use for my rear seat to secure it back there. have to figure out where to make a disconnect under the front of the bed for all the wires. its just gonna be a side project for now. ive got 10 loads of dirt ive gotta move when I get home first.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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