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New from Apache Junction, AZ

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Hi to all! I am new peshaw "Phil Shaw" I have a 2006 Polaris Ranger 7000 xp. I have a problem it go's 26 mph top speed in high feels like a governor is in stalled
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Welcome to the club Phil.:encouragement:
Weclome Phil, could be nothing more than a slipping belt, but need a bit more information. Does the engine misfire, idle rough etc. Could be electrical as that year model had several issues one had to deal with sooner or later
There is no backfire, and the engine doesn't miss from 0 to 17 mph. It is great! Then its just like a governor grabbing it. Then I have to let off the gas till you don't feel the resistance, then it will go a little faster. Thanks, Phil
Welcome aboard PRC, Phil.
That year model had problems with PCM on the firewall on the passenger side under the hood. I would pull the connections on it from the PCM on both sides and look for burnt connections. If they are good it could be the TBAP sensor wire harness has a broken wire (usually Where it connects to the Tbap sensor on the air intake tube from the air cleaner that connects to the inlet side of the Throttle Body. ) How hours do you show on the unit and have you check for any codes?
will do tomorrow it has 851 hrs.
thanks Roadrunner
Welcome to PRC
Phil, do you know how to check for codes on your year Ranger? From the swith off quickly flick off an on three times leaving in on the position after the 3rd flick. Watch your indicator light for the number of flashes or blinks, count them. For example the no code issue is 61 I believe is the all clear code for that year model 6 blinks followed by one blink = 61 or all clear. Some times the codes help other times they don't mean much, lets start there.
Roadrunner thanks it was 6 blinks then 1 blinks.
thanks for your help R
check the bottom side of the intake boot(between tb and head),they will crack on the bottom side.
Phil, the code thing often shows all clear and doesn't really help you much. The intake boot that was mentioned is also another issue that I and others have experienced. When mine cracked it just idled rough and I could get full rpm out of it. My thoughts at this point leads to that PCM module outside on the firewall on the passenger side. I would pull those connections top and bottom and look at the for burning and shorting out. I recently looked at a friends 2006 with about 400 hours running poorly at times and cutting out. The bottom plug revealed a burnt terminal and that is a good indication the PCM is heading south on you. The PCM will cost in area of $250 plus. The hard part is repairing the harness. Early on some where on this forum some one found a source for the connectors and terminal ends over in Texas I think. Delphi makes them for Polaris in the early days. The other area that has been a source of troubles through years is the Tbap harness I mentioned earlier. The wires are very fine gauge and over time they fatigue and fail. Some I have changed on early Rangers Polaris at the factory zip tied the wires so tight that they wear through the sheathing on the wires. One case I have seen was so bad right at the connector and about 7 or inches back from the connector the wires had worn through and shorted out. The good news is you can buy the harness for that repair. The Tbap sensor it's self I have never had to replace one. The TPS harness is another culprit to look for the same things and can really cause problems in performance. The TPS it's self I have replaced one on 2009 Ranger for that problems. Research here and your year model some have to replace the entire Throttle Body due clearance problems with the throttle plate rubbing the housing inside. Some were fortunate enough to sand a bit off the throttle plate and move ok. Others I know have had to replace the entire throttle body.

Now as to parts for your Ranger I would not go to your Local RideNow store. They never seem to stock much and will be very expensive . Go to some place like Ball Equipment in MI, their Fix My Toys website for good pricing. Good luck as you move forward to find the source of our problems.
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I put new fuel pump and spark plugs and battery in it and it runs great now. I need a spare tire and rim thank for everyones input
Phil, I am pretty sure I have rear rim that would fit your machine. It is yours if you want it :). I will check and see if I still have it. Pretty sure I do. A front rim would be better as you can put it on the front as well the back. Glad you have your problem fixed.
Thanks R got the spare front tire
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