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new from Southern Oregon

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2014 Blue LE Ranger 900 6000lb Polaris winch ,Polaris premium roof lots of stuff ordered.just wanted to say hi
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Welcome to PRC!
Welcome aboard PRC, rbement.
Welcome to PRC
welcome to the forum
Welcome to the club.
Welcome aboard. :)
Rebuilt transmissions do have benefits over replacement transmissions. Now, you've found the perfect classic car, perfect model - it just needs a little work. The glove box contains the owner's manual, proof of registration and insurance, directions to places I can't seem to remember how to get to, $20 underneath everything in case I get stuck somewhere and need cash.

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Welcome to PRC. You either have some big plans for that unit or got a smoking deal on the winch, 6,000 lbs :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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