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New member from north FL

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I just got a 2015 900 crew cab, I was looking at doing a lift kit and A arms all through backwoods armor, any advice on their products and how easy it is to install, they said they would powder coat it to my color and press in the ball joints.....Also was wanting to get larger tires/ rims just wondering if 30's would be ok or should I look at 28's..... a buddy has the yamaha and it sits 3 inches higher than mine, its on 26's too...........Last question is there anyway to make it a lil faster, mine stops at 50mph
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Welcome to PRC
Welcome to the club.
Welcome, check out OUTKAST FABWORX for the lift, they are not too far from you in Tifton. Also, if you're looking for people to ride with check out
NE Florida ATV on Facebook, great group and they ride somewhere every weekend.
Welcome jag
Welcome to PRC.:)

Backwoods Armor makes great products. I've been running John's A-arms for years and love them.

Tire size really depends on what you want to accomplish and how you plan to use it. Generally speaking, the less lift and smaller the tire, the longer the drivetrain will last and you'll have far less issues with breaking things.

But if you want to go big, I don't blame you. I have 30" Roctanes on mine and they are awesome. The 30's virtually eliminated the occasional dragging I was experiencing with my long wheelbase RZR4XP.
Welcome also check out Tallahassee ohv on Facebook. We ride every weekend as well

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Welcome aboard PRC.
Welcome to PRC! I'm running aggressive 30's and did so with a 2" bracket lift and forward arms. However, I'd be ready to step up to Rhinos or another aftermarket brand. Just keep a few in the garage so they're ready to do in. ;-)
Welcome to PRC, BA products are as good as you can get, John has been a pioneer in arched arms.
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