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New Rims Worth Getting?

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I have a stock 2014 570. Looking at getting new tires, 27" ITP Blackwaters Evos. Not sure if I should go with new rims or not. If I do, I would go with 14" rims. What do you guy's think?
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Tom, I ended up doing new wheels with my tires. I did it mainly for looks and the additional offset. Im not familiar with the specific tires you are looking at, but you will gain a little off set with most aftermarket wheels which will give you more space to run a little bit of a wider tire. Without the greater offset I would have hit on the strut and tie rod end (or at least been uncomfortably close to hitting). From the many posts I have read I went with 12" wheels. I think the 14's look a cooler sometimes, but the 12's are less prone to pinch flats if you ever run on rocky terrain.
I love my 14s much easier to change tires by hand also looks good
when going to a taller tire as your 27s the 14" rims don't really add to the "pinch flat" problem since you gain sidewall with the taller tire! No greater issue then 25" tires on 12" rims and depending on the tire/rim combo you choose, the 14" rims should save on live weight over a 27" tire/12" rim combo!
Also, if you are going with a radial tire, the 14" rim/tire will handle MUCH better! This is the main reason I went with the 14" SS212s with the Bighorn radials

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I went with Ranger 900 take off 14" wheels and 26" Kenda Bounty Hunter HTs, not even close to rubbing. I think 14" wheels are the ticket to not running spacers, the wheel is outside the tie-rod so it would never touch. I could easily clear 27" tires, but liked the tread of these so I went with 26s.

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So if I go with 14" rims and 27" blackwaters evos , I should have on problem with tie rods or clearance. That is my ranger is completely stock.
Nah bonkie you fine. Plus the 14s just make the machine look so much better. I've ran both 12s and 14s and my 14s look 100x better.
Yea I think new 14" rims would be better, I have be looking at getting them from rocky Mt. ATV. That is unless you guy's know of somewhere better to buy them.
I ended up going for a tire/wheel package this time through Rocky Mountain! Price is pretty unbeatable when you figure the free shipping!

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