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should i tell you guys what coming on my new RZR or tease you like yall have done to us in the past!!!!!!

so far i have ordered my RZR with the rock slider nerf bars, and prerunner bumper.

then for tires and wheels can't have stock they are not that attractive. was gonna wait, but since my dealer giving me $300 credit for my stock tires i figured that i might as well go ahead and do it, i know that i could never sell them for that price and ship them either.
so should i tell you what i am getting???????? They are not polaris tires and rims. they are aftermarket.

Okay, can't keep a secret, Going with bighorns 26s now for the rims hummmmmm

should be a 14inch wheel if i remember correctly, i was on the beach fairly intoxicated when i ordered them[B)][B)][:D][:D]

now only problem, which ranger to take, or buy larger trailer or haul rzr in bed of truck!!!!
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