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New Use for Old Seat belt ; Door opening Safety Strap

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I wanted a simple, cheap and strong door strap for the passenger side .One that can be held on to, nothing flimsey like the factory mesh thing. I rummaged, and found a seat belt, and here it is. In the pix that shows how the "female" end is secured, I drilled a 5/16 hole , used grade 8 bolt. Make sure you position the fastener so the nut can be accessed , there is a tapered opening there.
I drilled the portion that lays flat to the cowl and fastened with 3/16 bolt/nut, you can acess the back side for the nut.
This just keeps it flat, the hood closes and latches no problem.
I have a Bungee to hold long section of strap up and out of the way when not in use.The strap is tied around the vertical bar, at the height of the side tube, in case not clear in pix.
I am going to attach a heavy nylon cargo net to this, keep things from sliding out.
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Like it. Should be pretty Kool after you get the mesh integrated.

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