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OHV parks & RV sites w/hook-ups

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Not being partial to dry camping, I would love to compile a list of OHV parks with near-by RV sites w/hook-ups that allow Off-road vehicles. Ideally one would be allowed to drive their OHV vehicle from the RV site into the OHV park.

I know Ocotillo Wells OHV park in Southern Calif has two private RV camp ground next to the park.. "Leapin Lizards" and "Mobiland RV park" Any others?
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Thanks Jeff... Looks like a great place to visit and give the ranger a workout. Lets get some more sites listed here....
Southern Utah, Rubys Inn at Bryce Canyon. Miles of trails and either a motel or trailer park. Never need to trailer.
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I have personally stayed at all 3, they are great places with direct access to the Hatfield McCoy trails, by the way i will be there next week thursday thru Friday, will be staying at Pinnacle Creek.
also check out Durhamtown in Georgia, been there also
Good info...
If your into Sand, Then you wont be disappointed with Oregon Dunes.
There are several full hookup campgrounds with dune access.
Woahink is another nice full hookup that has private access to dunes.
There are several more. Honeyman is very popular, but keep in mind these are mostly Reservation sites so call to make sure. Holiday weekends require a special pass and when theyre full... theyre full.
If you ever get up north there is a nice campground in Washington,Ca.
River Rest Resort has full hook-ups and has sites right on the Yuba River. You can ride right from camp.
Leo, Archview in Moab, Utah is another great RV Park and ATV & UTV Friendly. Hit the trails right out the park.
Thanks Ken... That one is now on my list of "to go places".
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