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Okay, figure this one's dying

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05 Polaris Ranger 700XP with fuel injection has 156 hours on it. Use it for trail riding, duning and neighborhood use (hey, it's legal!). Haven't driven it in a few weeks, worked fine last time we had it out, but now about 30 seconds after turning it on it just dies. Checked the battery, spark plugs, fuel and air filters, etc. After cleaning it up a bit it worked, but on next try it died again after about 30 seconds. [xx(] Wondering if it's the fuel injector, a chip, anything?! Would like to know if it could be a cheaper do-it-yourself type fix before taking it to a dealer for an expensive takes three weeks type of fix.
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Will these things run without a battery? Reason I'm asking is that if they need the battery to keep it running the battery may be storing up power to start it and then draining down enough for it to die!

Just a thought!
Fuel pump, or fuel restriction, cloged gas tank vent?[:(]
I wondered about the tank vent.
Open your hood and next to your glove is the ECM {silver with fins} remove both plugs from the ECM and check for burnt pins, this is happening to a lot of us with 05 and 06 ranger XPs.
When all else fails have A daeler hook it up and tell you what is wrong then fix it yourself !
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