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2007 Ranger XP will have a slot in the dash beside The shift lever that is blocked off.
it should be easy to just mount the 08 hand brake but there is no bracket to attach it to.
The EZsteer kit is going to come with a bracket that will allow you to mount the 08 hand brake.
the Directions say to cut out the factory bracket that is there to allow clearance for the power steering so it has a relocation bracket to do this. Which just so happens to work with a 08 ranger ebrake handle.

Step one buy a EZsteer power steering kit.
Step two order a 2008 XP dash Ebrake handle.
you can use the same parking brake cable.
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This is the bracket that interferes with the power steering that they tell you to cut out. 07 rangers won’t have this bracket.
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08 Ranger dash parking brake handle

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