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Outkast 3" Forward A Arm Full Kit

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I just finished installing the outkast 3" full kit and first off I wanted to say the a arms look great and the quality of workmanship is high class. The only question I have to other outkast owners did your kit actually lift your sxs 3"? I didn't do a great job measuring before I started but looking at photos of before and after it pretty much looks the same. It maybe an optical allusion but I was wondering if other owners see something different. First photo is before and the second is after.


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No way did the 3" kit give me 3"... I called after I installed to make sure I didn't just get a arched kit w/ no lift, and they gave me some mumbo jumbo about how they measure lift height. I love the kit & everything looks good, but just not 3" as advertised.
I feel like I got a lift, maybe 1.5".... but it wasn't much... I ran 31" outlaws with the lift, but they rubbed when turned... I am running 29.5 OL2's now, and they are perfect.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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