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over 61 HP

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On my ranger with just gas. The guys at Bikeman do good work. I also have N2O that adds 15hp at the touch of a botton. It screams down the trail. There pipe sounds good. Also Chris had his there getting more work done and his also runs well......Curt
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Sounds like that thing will flat eat Curt! Glad to hear everything went well for ya.

Curt im getting Dales exhaust this week i hope its not a bunch loader than stock., i know it will be some.
over 61 mph!!!! wow...i'm sold on dale's work
I don't think I could handle mine at 61.
Be Careful please!!!
I think it said 61 HP.....not mph. But now that it's been mentioned, exactly how fast is it, Curt? I'm guessing probably not any faster....just REALLY quick! I hope you come to WV with us....I'd LOVE to get a ride in that thing!
61 anything, HP or MPH, is a bunch for a Ranger.

Is it time for a parachute and spoiler ?
I'd like to see that Curt. If we can actually get you to a ride we have.
I can testify to his to ride it this weekend too. It's sick...40ft rooster tails with 29.5" Outlaws weighing in at 50lbs a tire. So much fun to drive now.

Yes it is quick and has alot of power......Curt
Just remember one thing N2O WILL find all the weak spots on an engine![:0][:)]
Yeah, but it'll be tons of fun 'til it breaks!
It's not going to break on 15 HP shot of nitrous. That's not much at all, and their 800 sportsman has been through the ringer with nitrous with no problems. The nice thing, though, is you only have to use it if you really need some wheel speed to get you through or up a climb.

can you list ALL the mods you have done to get it to the point you are at now?
how do you work the clutching with the nitrous. does it just bang the rev limiter while on the juice. or do you have it clutched for the juice....
Nope, it's all in the adjustable clutch weights.

could you explain a little bit more for me please. i am confused....
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can you list ALL the mods you have done to get it to the point you are at now?
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My first mod was a lift, and tires when it was brought home. Then came the full 800 kit, filters, and custom farmer exhust. Then the recent trip to Bikeman......Curt
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