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Over Heating

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I have an 06 xp it tends to over heat from time to time. anyone else have this problem? I have changed radiator caps, flushed fluids and still over heats.
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There are several products we use in sport quads.

One I really like is a product sold at Advance Autoparts called "40 below". Just follow the instructions and it definitely helps cooling things down. The only downside that you use VERY LITTLE antifreeze so if you live in VERY cold climates it might not be a good idea.

Another product is called Engine Ice. With engine ice you definitely need to make sure you don't have any antifreeze in the system before putting it in but it does offer freeze protection down to -27 degrees.

A cooler operating temperatures equal more power so keeping it as cool as possible helps performance wise.

Many people also use a product called water wetter:

I've used all of the above products except water wetter but I know people who swear by it.

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There are a few people who have had this problem. If you search you should be able to find some past threads that relate to your issue.
Make sure you open the bleed screw on the thermostat housing and get all the air do this with it running and the radiator cap on.
Other things to check are the thermostat and water pump impeller. Air in the line is a pesky problem also.
Bleeding air out is a problem sometimes, especially after adding a heater.
Also make sure the radiator is clean off. Not only from the front but also from the back side. This make a big difference for me.
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