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Remember when packing for the flight to take your soap and shampoo (or anything else liquid) in a small (100ml) bottle and then put it in a quart size ziplock bag. You are only allowed one quart size bag per person so whatever fits in there is all you can bring. Pack it near the top because you have to pull it out and place it in a separate bucket to go through the scanners. I am going to travel with just a backpack. I may have one other small piece but everything is going to be carry on so I don't get caught in the hassle of looking for luggage. Go to your airline's website that you are flying and check any other rules. Remember, next Wednesday night before turning in, go to the airline website and check in and print your boarding pass. It will save you time in the airport because you won't have to stand in line for them to do the same thing. You can do this usually 24 hours in advance.
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