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Page 46 Owners Manual HELP

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New to the Polaris. Finally received mine and what a treat!!!

One question to all out there page 46 of the Owners Manual has a Caution label that I need some clarification. Granted I am an engineer and new to the Polaris. I would assume spinning would be spinning unloaded as possibly in the mud while not accelerating.

It states: Switching to AWD while the rear wheels are spinning may cause severe drive shaft and gearcase damage. Always switch to AWD while rear wheels have traction or at rest.

The CD said "Release the gas pedal to switch to AWD" If that is done then the wheels are basically spinning!!!

Which is it?? While stopped or moving, first Polaris be nice.

Ten hours so far not even a hick-up.........WHAT A MACHINE !!! Seems everyone at the beach wanted a test ride.

Saw the option book today at the dealer bumpers, etc. There went another grand.......on order.[:0]
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You can switch in and out of 4WD while the wheels are turning just not if they are slipping. To go from Hi to Lo or vice versa you must be stopped. That is my understanding.
And on a side of caution when engaging the AWD, I always take my foot off of the accelerator when switching to AWD. If there is no acceleration, then the wheels are not slipping.

Happy Trails...
Its due to tire speed difference when the front are spinning and rears are not if there not in sink this could cause damage.
It is a good idea to let off the throttle when engaging AWD. That way there isn't so much torque and allows the gears to mesh easier. If you shift into Awd on the fly the front and rear tires have to rotating at the same speed.
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