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<font color="red">Monday - April 23rd.
Rain -- High 53º, Low 40º
</font id="red">

<font size="4">WHOA!!</font id="size4"> This is <font color="blue">"Winter"</font id="blue"> weather. [:0] [:0] [:(][:(] By the 26th it could be hail, snow, wind, ice, floods, and such. [V]

I'll have to bring my heavy "PRC" jacket, gloves, rain suit, boots, and a pocket flagon of <font color="green">"personal warming libation." </font id="green"> [:p][:p]

Who knows; the RZR might break, or get stuck in a 'yankee' mud bog and force me to survive with nothing but liquid nourishment for at least 15 minutes... [:0][B)][xx(]
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