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picked up some goodies

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ive got all the stock stuff out from under a full size ranger an rzr shocks now also took a bunch of measurements off of the full size so now I have everything I need to do the doulble a arm conversion also its goin be a lil wider

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also its a huge difference in the stub shafts on the full size this should help with my problems breaking t off

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Yeah but you can't use fullsoze ranger or razr axles, they won't fit in your diff
Could he disect the axles and stick inner half on the outter half? as in..will shafts fit together? If not, find a fullsize diff and put it in.
I don't think so. The actual axle bar on the midsize is bigger then the fullsize, but the cups and shafts are bigger on the fullsize. It's kinda hard to explain without showing in person.
its the same diff
might be different on yoursalso found out today all the rear a arms an stuff will bolt right up
an reason I know that is because ive replaced the diff an it came out of a full size
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Badass...sooo....if diffs are the same, then...Some of the axle issues associated with the midsize lift and stuff...could be eliminated by using fullsize axles!?!??! Cuz they're longer right RumRunner?? Measure them up and see what lengths are...this might be usefull info..cuz then, for a midsize person to upgrade to fullsize axles, POSSIBLY.. ya could use outter wheel bearings, and hubs, then you'd be in business? Might be wrong though. The outter bearings MAY not push into midsize strut housings, OR the rotor mounting/caliper mounting could be way off.. just a thought. If i had the crap laying around, id try it myself..sounds VERY interesting..
So rum you saying the front diff from a fullsize is the same as what's in our midsize? Very interesting. I'm very curious to see how this turns out.
yes it is for my 800 midsize any way dunno about ur 500 an yea it would be possible to pt full size axels in a midsize it u have the strut machined to accept the lager full size wheel bearing an get a full size hub an rotor it would probly would an by the internets from Polaris the full size ranger is 53" wide an the mid size it 50" so u wont gain to much width
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