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Pics from weekend

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Well, we spent lots of time with family. Dan's brother, wife & 3 kids camped with us at the sportsman's club. His camper had A/C and a satellite dish, so we put up with them for the weekend - Just Kidding! We had fun trail riding and got in some fishing (not much biting, but we had fun anyway), lots of relaxing, grilling, etc. Anyway, here are some pics:

My sister-in-law is fearless when it comes to mud - especially with me cheering her on with my camera in hand - "We'll pull you out, I promise......." LOL!

Here we are pulling her out. I use the term "we" because I'm taking the pictures! [:p]

Kim got to ride her cousin's quad - looks like we may be making an investment soon! (Don't worry - she wore a helmet all the time she was riding except while playing in this mudhole waiting on us to pull her aunt out of the mud)

Not afraid to get muddy:

A few pics from the trails:

Our camping setup:

(Inside was our inflatable mattresses, just about anything you could think of that you would need-yes-even a portable toilet and don't forget the TV and DVD player!)

Dan and his brother relaxing after a game of cornhole:

AND last, but definately not least!!!! Dan and his brother playing in the ranger!!!

They had all 4 wheels off the ground,[:p] but I didn't snap the digital pic at the right time. They offered to do it again (for the 3rd time)[:0] so I could get a good pic, but I told them this one was just fine! LOL! Yes, beer was involved! [;)]

All in all, it was a great weekend - the only negatives are the fly bites that are itching like crazy right now and the sunburn I got on Monday while fishing.

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