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Pinch Weld

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Most of you know I recently put CamoClan on my 06 XP. It seems to be doing alright except around the hood area where it get excessive abuse opening and closing the hood. My wife saw the little tares on the cover around the edge and suggested I put the same stuff that is around the sharp edges of the steel roof.

The stuff is called pinch weld and various other names. I bought it from a local trim shop for $2.30 a foot. They don't know how to measure 5 feet. I paid $12.50 for 5 foot today and got about 10 foot. I completely trimmed both sides of the hood and have a bunch left over. The hood goes into the bottom goove much easier and is very well protected.
End on view of pinch weld or trade name Trim-Lok

Flat view of Trim-Lok

Installed Trim-Lok

Joe in Tucson[:D]
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Looks like a good idea.


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Nice job.
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