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Polaris CPSC Settlement

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I have searched the forums but didn't see this posted on here. Has anyone else seen this?

Polaris hit with $27M penalty for failing to report vehicle problems -
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For a while before the recalls RZRs were infamous for burning down and every 2014 Ranger I owned or rode with had heat shield issues. My 2014 was always in the shop for the heat shield. I don't see how you arrive at any conclusion other than Polaris actively chose not to report. If everyday sxs guys knew this stuff, Polaris brass did.
And I hope the family of that 15 year old uses this for treble damages. 27 mil had zero impact on Polaris bottom line and a dollar and change dip in their stock - I hope that at least those most affected are properly cared for.
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I saw this about a week ago. There are a couple of threads about it on the RZR Forums. I didn't know it had anything to do with Rangers or I would have posted it here...Sorry.

They're not taking my bucky balls!
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