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The QUBFour Polaris Waterproof Speaker is the newest wireless speaker produced by MB Quart for Polaris Industries. This Bluetooth speaker is a convenient self contained speaker system that you can quickly mount or clamp to your Polaris RANGER, RZR or Sportsman.

After seeing the release of this new accessory we had to get one and check it out for ourselves! We usually don't have the luxury of having a custom sound system in our RZR because we are usually never in the same vehicle when we test or we are in modified unit that needs a custom built enclosure. Fortunately for us, this waterproof speaker is as flexible and mobile as we are.

We first tested the QUB in our office when we received it and found the sound to be very powerful for the size of the speaker. It was nice to be able to use the QUB as a speaker for a desktop computer or for a mobile device such as an iPad when it was not mounted in a RZR. We found that in an office or living room situation the comfortable listen volume was right about middle of the volume range. There are 30 clicks on the volume control and in a decently quiet environment the enjoyable listening volume number was about a 12 for us. This is obviously very subjective.

With the QUBFour comes a charger, a 3.5 mm headphone cable for direct connection, and mounts to connect the QUBFour to any vehicle in the Ranger, RZR, ACE and Sportsman lines. So depending on which model you have it's very easy to mount. Since we tested the QUB on a RZR 570 we opted for the roll bar mount. The best feature about this mount is it's flexibility and ease in which you can move it around to different mounting locations on the cage easily. Just push the base of the clips against the portion of the cage you want to mount it to and then firmly squeeze the clips together until the connecting ridges click. We found this to require quite the squeeze, so strong hands are going to certainly be needed to use the bar mount, but a firm solid fit keeps the speaker in place.

We tried several different mounting locations; front, firing towards the rear; overhead, firing down; and between the seats, firing forward. After testing all these locations at various speeds we agreed that the mounting location behind the seats firing forward gave the best all-around sound. However, the downside to this location was that the roll bar tubing in narrower here than all the other tubes on the cage. So the roll bar clamps didn't fit as tight as it did everywhere else. This could probably be remedied by adding some sort of spacer. We just decided to let it hang upside down and it didn't seem to affect anything. In the rough stuff, your speaker might swing around and perhaps walk from one side of the bar to the other, but we didn't see a whole lot of movement.

As for sound quality, we were impressed with this little powerhouse. For it's size, and ruggedness, it pumped out a decent amount of sound. When you start sizing speakers down and having having on-board power, you generally have to sacrifice somewhere. The QUBFour was more than adequate for doddling around under 25-30 mph. Once you get above that speed, and add helmets, we had to crank the volume to MAX to make out the bulk of the sound over the engine and wind. We were still able to pick up the highs, but the rest of the sonic range fell out a bit. Once we dropped back down in speed, the fullness of the music came back.

The open front and back allowed for 360 degree sound projection, so this unit would be great for a campside wireless juke box with control coming from your phone or other Bluetooth device. We also thought about how good it would be for all of the folks that work with their machines. Being able to put on some music on while you are out feeding the animals, loading wood, or checking fences would be great! Hey, you might even be able to get the kids to do their chores if they can take their music with them! (High hopes, I know...)

Is this little guy going to compare to the $1,499 sound system that MTX is making for Polaris? No, but what it does do, and does very well, is offer you a reasonable solution for an audio system that can easily be relocated from the RZR, to the house, to the barn, to the circle around the fire. At a retail price of $249.99, this wireless audio system will absolutely handle your basic audio needs on the trail, and offer the flexibility to bring the music inside, to the lake, or wherever you might need it, and it does so in a rugged, compact package with quality that you would expect from Polaris and MB Quart.

Polaris Industries said:
Enjoy a personalized soundtrack while you ride by installing this Waterproof Bluetooth™ Audio on your Sportsman, RZR or RANGER. This audio system mounts quickly, easily and securely to the handlebars, attached to the roll cage or in the dashboard storage area and provides powerful, rich, high-quality audio as you ride. A smart phone, iPod® or MP3 player serves as the music source for this audio unit, which has controls on top that allow a rider to adjust the volume and switch between tracks. This audio unit also has Bluetooth connectivity and can respond to voice commands so a rider can control the audio without taking a hand off the handlebars. This portable audio unit can be easily removed for use in your garage, house, boat or while camping. This self-contained audio unit has an internal rechargeable power source, and does not require or draw from the vehicle’s electrical system. This audio unit can be used with a windshield.

  • Self-contained audio unit provides a rider with rich, powerful, high-quality audio
  • Mounts easily to the handlebars, roll cage, or fits in your dashboard storage area
  • IPX4 Rated for water & dust resistance
  • Controls on top of audio unit adjust volume & track being played
  • Audio unit has Bluetooth connectivity & will respond to voice commands
  • Contains own power supply; audio unit can be removed from your ATV between rides for recharging & use in other applications
  • Fits all Polaris SPORTSMAN models (handlebar-mounted), Polaris RZR and SPORTSMAN ACE (roll cage-mounted)

For more information check out the MB Quart QUB website: MB Quart QUB Polaris Speaker
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