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Polaris Nikasil Coating

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Hey, I have a 2013 RZR 900 with a +3mm Big Bore from Rev6. After less than 100 miles the engine started smoking. When I got it apart, I found that the nikasil coating had a large chunk taken out of it. I am curious what could have caused this. Is this a problem with the part or with assembly? I am also curious where I can get a new cylinder of this size. I can not find any of them from the higher end companies. The only ones I can find are from cheap Chinese companies. Are the cheap ones any good?

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More than likely the +3mm bore either broke through the original Nikasil coating or made it too thin. From this web site: Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) Cylinder Reconditioning and Plating Process for Porsche Nikasil Cylinders
"The NSC plating is electroplated onto the cylinder bore and then the bores are diamond honed with a plateau finish. After honing, the plating ends up being .004-.005" thick (per side)"

A +3mm bore is about .05906" per side of the cylinder.

If you plan to bore a cylinder you have to send the cylinder out for replating and honing in order to assure proper Nikasil coating thickness
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I have no experience with rev 6, however I have seen other remarks on this forum that would tend to lead me away from them. Most of the time you get what you pay for, cheap isn't always cheap in the end.
nFlow has a good reputation here. I would not hesitate to do business with them.
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