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Polaris Sport Roof Install on Crew 900 write-up

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INITIAL INFORMATION: I installed the Polaris Sport Roof p/n 2879642 on my 2014 Polaris Crew 900. This is the black poly roof.

PACKAGING: The roof kit arrived in undamaged condition and all of the items listed in the kit contents on the instruction sheet
were included.

INSTALLATION: I started out by reading through the directions. Then I proceeded by laying the two roof halves on my work
table with the interior side facing up. I started a screw part way on one side of the roof. Then I applied silicone between the halves by lifting the top half slightly. I then started the screw on the opposite side and applied silicone at that location.

I then loosely tightened the rest of the screws and then used an Inch Pound driver to snug the screws down to the 12-15 lbs that is recommended in the directions. ( I personally preferred mine at 15 lbs )

I next attached the screw clip holders in the three holes near the top of the roof.

Next I prepared the areas of the roof detailed in the instructions by wiping them off with a clean cloth and alcohol.

The next step was to apply the sealing foam straps to the roof. The back strip is an obvious placement, because it is notched for the rear mounting screws. Lay the others just outside of the grooved ridges and butt them up against the bottom of the rear strip. (Note-the thin end of the strip goes toward the front of the roof).

The next step takes a buddy! The two of you must flip the roof over before carrying it over and placing it on top of the Ranger. Slide the roof back until the plastic holders drop through the matching holes in the top of the Crew.

Make sure that the descending center hooks go around the cross member in the center of the cab. Then climb into the back of the Crew and pull out and down on the rear of the roof and snap it in place.

Now it's time to put the screws into the three screw clips at the front part of the roof. You now need to add four screws to the rear of the roof to secure it.

That is all there is to it! You now have a nice looking, light roof to protect you from the sun and rain.

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Dang, Those new Crews are sharp and I really like that color too. Very nice job on the write-up Gary.
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