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popping in the front when in 4wd

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I have noticed that my 2006 XP 700 has a clicking noise in the right front end when it gets in a hard pull or a bind when in 4 wheel drive only anyone had these problems.
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Todd - I can't be of much help but I wanted to pass this along. For 3 days I have been hauling crushed stone out of a wet bottom hole of mud that comes up onto the rims. The climb out & up is awesome and not a bit of noise comes out of any components. I have been listening as I am really working it to the limit. I suggest staying on top of this until you find the cause - it is not normal.
I would not stray to far from home or go riding alone. Buy gorella when she goes.
What wade said, sounds like you may have a CV issue. Gorilla Axles for sure.
Thanks I have shook the front drive shafts going to the wheels and there is no play in them that I can feel.
Just keep an eye on it. Also lift the front end up with a jack to take the weight of the front end then check for play.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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