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Power window door mod for 2016 crew.

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Made the mistake of ordering front power windows for my 16' crew not knowing they "won't fit" a crew. Parts dealer stuck it to me so now I have these doors.
Haven't found a single person that has installed them on their crew. Probably scared to modify I guess.
I will be modifying.
If anyone has successfully made the install any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Looks like I will have to purchase front door hinge kit for rear doors as these front door hinges will not work on rear poly doors.
Thanks in advance.
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So I checked the catalog. Tapped the power window door. Redirected to Polaris website. Checked fitment, does not fit my ranger. How the heck can they advertise that they fit but then not?
Can you elaborate on why it does not fit, or post pics.

I will have to confirm, but the hinges that mount to the roll cage should all be the same. The hinge that is attached to the doors are different due to the door thickness, but should locate in the same position, no matter which full Polaris door you use.

Note: after running the part numbers, the hinges that mount to the roll cage do have different part numbers.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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