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Power window door mod for 2016 crew.

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Made the mistake of ordering front power windows for my 16' crew not knowing they "won't fit" a crew. Parts dealer stuck it to me so now I have these doors.
Haven't found a single person that has installed them on their crew. Probably scared to modify I guess.
I will be modifying.
If anyone has successfully made the install any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Looks like I will have to purchase front door hinge kit for rear doors as these front door hinges will not work on rear poly doors.
Thanks in advance.
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I ordered all 4 doors at the same time (a buddies great advice it turns out) my issue stems from something different unfortunately.

The power window front poly doors are designed for a standard cab and NOT a crew. Which I did not find out until receiving.
The hinge hardware for the front doors is a bit different, as the power window doors are thicker. Utilizing the front door hardware on the rear doors is not a simple bolt on.
Utilizing the rear door hardware on the front doors, also not a bolt on. Modification is definitely necessary to make this work.

I can fabricate and have access to the proper equipment and tooling to create new hinge brackets but was hoping that I could avoid a grass roots effort to do so. You'd think someone would have already designed an off the shelf bracket to facilitate the install.
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Thanks slim. That is huge. I need to check my model numbers to see which ones I have vs your book.
I have the same model number. 2880503.
No available information on how these work with a crew vs a reg cab. No available tech's to discuss with either.
So I checked the catalog. Tapped the power window door. Redirected to Polaris website. Checked fitment, does not fit my ranger. How the heck can they advertise that they fit but then not?
I'm almost ready to pull them out of the boxes and give it a shot. It may just be the depth of the hinge in relation to the door connection, which is an easy modification.

I spoke to gentleman in georgia that builds semi-custom Rangers and he ran into this with a client when these doors first came out. He said the client immediately sent the doors back but not after the tech did some troubleshooting. He told me it is definitely achievable with above average fabrication skills.

I will have some pics shortly.
It works with very little modification. But patience is absolutely the most important tool in this installation by far.
The requirement for utilizing the rear hinges on the front and front on rear, is out the window.

1) use the front door hinges that come with the power window doors. (Brackets that attach to door)
Use pivots from rear door hardware.

2) will have to bend the top pivot to about 87 degrees. Then install.

3) install bottom pivot bracket with a fender washer between ROPS and bracket ( it will also need some love from a rubber mallet when adjusting.

4) remove lower hinge bracket from power window door. Vice it up and bend approxately 3-5 degrees. (The strap portion of the bracket bends fairly easy no need to get to physical)

5) install back on door loosely, install door to pivots.
I used shims to set reveals in ROPS. It's a feudal effort as the cage is not exactly square. But do the best you can.

6) install door latch strike plate and pin.

7) adjust to snug. Should have a bit of a slam to it to seat the weather stripping.

8) now patiently tweak hinges and pivots into submission.

9) now go online and purchase a set of door hinges for FRONT doors (upper and lower hinge plates only) and the upper REAR pivot brackets. Used those on the front doors and the provided ones for power windows will not work unless heavily modified. Cheaper to buy.

That's it. To my knowledge I'm the only idiot that has done this so far.


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Here it is installed.


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