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On listening to the feedback from the recent trip to the factory I had to reread the mission statement, to remind this member that we are not a Polaris marketing department. Did anyone ask about dealer gouging or frame integrity? Maybe we should put together a rank and file liaison that includes guys like my friend SxS. I do believe in having open communication with the factory, and I understand PRC was an invited guest, but I do not want to blur the distinction between Ranger owner's interests and the corporate bottom line. Yes, there is a time to work and a time to celebrate, but we cannot forget those who made this trip possible. In this man's opinion it is the regular members of PRC (many with no stars to their credit) who are not afraid to ask the difficult questions; in fact, I believe that it was these candid, forthright and sincere comments that inspired the RZR; in that regard, thank you Polaris for listening and giving back by producing the RZR and schmoozing the PRC board members.

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